Our programs in Computer Science support the evolution of the computing and informatics disciplines, and the integration of computer and information sciences with other disciplines such as biology, geography, anthropology, public health, urban planning and mathematics. Ethics and professionalism are as important as technical skill while considering both the local and global impact of many Computer Science industry decisions.


Design and analysis of computers, computational processes, and information transfer and transformation

Design of software for networks, graphics, artificial intelligence and database systems

Improve software reliability, network security or information retrieval systems

Invent next-generation computer systems, computer networking, biomedical information systems, gaming systems, search engines, web browsers and package distribution systems

Integrate computer and information sciences with biology, geography, anthropology, public health, urban planning and mathematics

Career opportunities

Computer networking and Gaming systems

Database and Information systems

Distribution systems and Software engineering

Search engines and Web services

Degrees Offered

Tempe campus
Tempe, Arizona

Application Deadlines


Priority – December 1

Spring 2016

Priority – August 1

Financing Your Education

Fellowships through ASU and external resources, along with research and teaching assistant positions, offer many alternatives to fund your education expenses at ASU—often for multiple years or even the full course of study. Fellowship resources are limited, and many fellowships require U.S. citizenship or the right to work in the United States.

Fellowships are awarded on a highly competitive basis as part of the graduate program application process.

Financial Aid
ASU has many financial aid options. Almost everyone, regardless of income, can qualify for some form of financial aid. In fact, more than 70 percent of all ASU students receive some form of financial assistance every year.

Admission Requirements

All students are required to meet general university admission requirements.
ASU Graduate Standards
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