Learn to manage technology for human advantage! Companies and organizations innovate, adopt, use and manage technology to gain and retain a competitive advantage. In the Global Technology Entrepreneurship (GTE) program, you will learn to utilize agility and adaptability to the global competitive environment to effectively implement company and organizational strategies. Accelerate innovation, and advance knowledge and entrepreneurship in order to create value by identifying opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. This program will allow you to explore a number of topic areas such as:

  • Development, management and execution of lean process projects
  • Analysis and modeling of complex systems
  • Global strategy
  • Analysis of complex decision problems
  • Entrepreneurial decision making
  • Open innovation
  • Project management

As a graduate of the program you will be prepared for entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial roles in global technology driven organizations (private, public, as well as start- ups and SMEs). You will add value to any organization with your ability to develop, conduct and manage innovation, lean, complex systems and strategy projects, and will offer a unique foundation to help address global competitive challenges in the fields of manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, transportation, defense, telecommunications, public utilities, and government. Prefer to start your own company? As a GTE graduate you are prepared for that too! You will possess skills in research and have the ability to apply those skills in practice; you will have the advantage of project-based, experiential learning used in all face-to-face, hybrid and online courses.

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Degrees Offered

Global Technology and Entrepreneurship M.S. Tech

The Polytechnic School

Polytechnic campus
Mesa, Arizona

Application Deadlines


Priority – April 1

Spring 2016

Priority – September 15

Financing Your Education

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Fellowships are awarded on a highly competitive basis as part of the graduate program application process.

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