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In the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, we are building a community of problem solvers that recognize engineering is more than a discipline—it’s a mind-set, a way of looking at the world.

Students in the Fulton Schools of Engineering are passionate about finding innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our society.

They are preparing to advance research to better the lives of those living with physical limitations, to make our civil infrastructure more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable, to create alternative energy sources and make electronic communication ubiquitous and secure.

Our highly regarded graduates are actively recruited by top companies, and some go on to pursue graduate studies at the top universities in the country in areas such as medicine, law, engineering and science.

The uniqueness of our Fulton Schools learning and innovation environment and the reputation of our academic programs and faculty are reflected in our amazing growth — an increase from about 7,000 students in 2007 to more than 22,400 students in 2018.

Are you ready to join a community capable of impacting the quality of life, safety and security in communities locally and around the globe?

Undergraduate Degrees

The Fulton Schools offers 25 undergraduate programs offered across the Polytechnic and Tempe campus. These programs champion the notion of “engineers from day one.” And, many are accelerated 4+1 programs, which mean you can earn a bachelors+master’s in 5 years.

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Graduate Degrees

Pursue one of our 44 graduate programs offered by the Fulton Schools. You’ll not only get an advanced education through our nationally recognized programs, you’ll join a community that is making an impact through use-inspired, interdisciplinary research.

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Online Degrees

Explore a portfolio of online engineering certificate and degree programs that offer convenient “anytime, anyplace” undergraduate degree completion, graduate degrees and graduate certificates online for global engineers.

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