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4 years, 2 degrees

Accelerate your future

You’ve proven yourself to be highly motivated, so why not capitalize on your AP credits, IB credits or dual-enrollment courses to earn two degrees – a bachelor’s in three years, and a master’s in one additional year? That’s the time it takes most people to get just one degree.

4 years, 2 degrees

Your New American University Scholarship is renewable for eight consecutive semesters. If you start ASU with enough credits to be considered a sophomore (approximately 18 to 24 credits), you can use the final three-to-four semesters to integrate bachelor’s and master’s degree studies as part of the 3+1 program.

Learn more. Make more. Be more.

As a 3+1 graduate, you cultivate the high-value employability skills that top global brands seek out. Also, starting salaries for engineers with a master’s degree can be $9,000 to $15,000 higher than for those who have a bachelor’s degree alone.*

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The 3+1 program is a fully constructed course schedule that capitalizes on your AP credits, IB credits or dual-enrollment courses, and is available for select degree programs. To find out how to participate in the 3+1 program, contact your school’s advising team.

Click here to find out if your preferred degree program qualifies.

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*Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers, Winter 2017 Salary Survey