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Beth | Electrical Engineering

“I was born to be a Sun Devil. It also helped that ASU has one of the best electrical engineering programs in the U.S.”


Born to be a Sun Devil

“Both my sister and her husband graduated from Arizona State University.” says Beth M., an electrical engineering undergraduate student at ASU. “I was born to be a Sun Devil.” ECEE-Beth-Molling_0609a-w

“It also helped that ASU has one of the best electrical engineering programs in the U.S.,” she says.

Beth found her niche in electrical engineering while she was in the Navy. She was a nuclear electrical operator responsible for maintaining the balance in the whole electric plant on the ship.

Getting a start at E2 Camp

Because of her Navy service, Beth didn’t start college directly after high school. Her first introduction to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering was at E2 Camp, the Schools’ freshman engineering orientation.

“I had it in my mind that since I was older than the other students, I wouldn’t be able to connect to them as well,” she recalls. “After I got past that mindset, I really liked the E2 Camp experience.”

That positive experience led Beth to become a mentor. She has been helping peers acclimate to ASU and engineering for the past two years. “I have been able to meet a lot of freshmen and help them with various things about school and life,” she says. E2Camp_2_day one_7730a-w

Finding resources and support

Beth is also a member of IEEE-HKN (Eta Kappa Nu), the electrical engineering honors society, and one of over 50 engineering student organizations. She notes that the group, part of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a worldwide organization, offers great networking opportunities for electrical engineers.

She says that most days are filled with plenty of homework and lab reports—and gathering data for lab reports. She notes that there are a number of resources to help students with coursework including the Math Tutoring Center and Math Community Center.

She also says that the Engineering Tutoring Center is “a great place for help with lower-division engineering courses.” “If those places don’t provide the help you need, go see your professor,” she advises. “They are the experts in the field and have had experience answering questions in many different ways.”

After graduation, Beth hopes to get a job working for a power company. “I would like to work with major power generation machines as well as power distribution,” she says. She also hopes to join the Army National Guard and work with the Army Corps of Engineers.

“I was born to be a Sun Devil. It also helped that ASU has one of the best electrical engineering programs in the U.S.”