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Bryce and fellow peer mentor, Jen, at E2 Camp, Fulton Engineering’s freshman orientation.
“I like creating things – and connecting with people,” says Bryce M., an engineering management undergraduate student at Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. As a freshman, Bryce started out in computer systems engineering. He had built computers in the past and wanted to learn more. His plan was to get an engineering degree then pursue an MBA. “I want to use my technical skills to lead projects. Business knowledge like management and understanding efficiencies is integral to that system,” he says. New degree program offers perfect mix Bryce found out about a new program, engineering management, while he was a mentor at E2 Camp, Fulton Engineering’s freshman orientation. He says it offered the perfect blend of engineering and business. “Plus, you can choose an area of focus that is specifically of interest to you. You don’t see that many places,” he says. “The choices are diverse and the program really lets you tailor your own educational experience,” he says. Bryce is focusing on his passion for computers. “We can work with incredibly complex images and information, all from switches turning on and off, and make it manageable for people to use,” he says.
Bryce is part of Fulton Ambassadors, a group that helps students considering ASU learn more about the campus and engineering.
Bryce is part of Fulton Ambassadors, a group that helps students considering ASU learn more about the campus and engineering.
Building leadership skills Striving for that mix of skills is also a benefit outside the classroom. A member of the Air Force ROTC , Bryce says that his knowledge of business basics and technical expertise “makes me more balanced.” He has also honed leadership skills through Honors Devils and Fulton Ambassadors, two groups that lead tours for prospective students. Honors Devils introduces students to Barrett, The Honors College and Fulton Ambassadors helps students learn more about engineering at ASU. “Each week, we introduce a new group of people to the ASU campus. It is a great way to work on public speaking skills as you share the experience of what it is like to be a student here,” he says. Bryce says the honors and engineering programs mesh well together—and many close friends are engineering students within the honors program. He has also been a mentor at E2 Camp, noting that he really enjoyed the experience as a freshman and wants to help other new students acclimate to engineering and life at ASU. Getting involved—and having fun “I think one of the best things that I have done is to jump in and get involved,” he says. Bryce plays rugby for ASU—representing the university in the Pac-12. In addition to an outlet outside of engineering, Bryce has found camaraderie and a way to round out the college experience noting that “athletics is not off the table for engineers.” Taking advantage of opportunities in and out of the classroom has enabled Bryce to create his own ASU experience—and find the perfect blend of technology development and connections to people. “Engineering management is ideal for an individual that wants to be a leader—that wants to be the link between all of the people who come together to make a project successful,” Bryce says.