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Jeremy’s had Arizona State University on his mind ever since he attended an ASU youth camp at the age of 12. When he began to research the idea of transferring to ASU he realized it was the right distance from home and had a great electrical engineering program. With these reasons in mind, Jeremy chose to transfer 64 credit hours to ASU where he has just completed his second semester. “Coming to ASU Kuester_Jeremy_0534bfelt like a fresh start,” says Jeremy, who felt a little overloaded by the end of his second year at Mesa Community College. Jeremy enjoyed the chance to feel like a freshman again and to plan his time and class load with the experience of his past. Finding resources for success Fulton Engineering was also committed to helping Jeremy have a smooth and productive transition by offering programs such as METS—Motivated Engineering Transfer Students. METS is a program, center, course and staff focused specifically on academic success for transfer students. This course, which meets six times a semester, includes panel discussions, resume workshops, career fairs, industry lectures and student success strategies. “Through this class I learned about helpful ASU resources, time management, and even drafted a research proposal for a future undergraduate research project,” says Jeremy. In addition to improving their ASU experience, Jeremy and other METS students in the FSE 394 transfer course are eligible for a scholarship—just for being a transfer student and engineering major. The METS Center on campus also has study spaces, computers and access to printers. METS has also helped Jeremy to connect with both in-state and out-of-state transfer engineering students. METS involvement is optional, and Jeremy admits he was worried about taking the course because of his already busy schedule. “I’m glad I did, however,” says Jeremy. “The professors and teacher’s assistants want each student to get an A. These teachers work with you and understand that this course is supposed to make other classes easier through new study skills.” Jeremy encourages other transfer students to apply to ASU early and to seek out a helpful engineering advisor. These advisors helped Jeremy sign up for classes, work through transfer credits and connect with METS. Not all classes transfer, but this hasn’t bothered Jeremy. “I’ll take them again and get an even better grade,” he says. Jeremy also appreciates the study resources ASU provides including a large library, study pods, extended office hours for teachers, helpful TAs and the tutoring center. “I no longer have to fight for a spot at the library,” says Jeremy. Exploring the Fulton Difference Jeremy is happy with his decision to transfer to ASU. He appreciates the METS program and looks forward to future opportunities, starting with undergraduate research. Jeremy is currently working on a research proposal for the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative program—a program that provides a hands-on, independent undergraduate research experience. Jeremy is also grateful for the various career and internship fairs that ASU brings and feels confident he will find an internship in the near future. In between classes, internships, studying and research, he is also excited to get involved with engineering student organizations including the Sun Devil Robotics and Sun Devil Satellite Clubs in the upcoming semester. All in all, Jeremy is grateful to have transferred to a school that can make it all happen.