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Computer Gaming Certificate

Apply gaming technology to the rapidly growing video game industry and to business, medicine, geography, biotechnology and education.

The Computer Gaming certificate is designed to provide a game development skill set that applies to domain specific applications in your major, including architecture of game engines, art design and computer graphics for gaming, and game software and development.

  • Building a game that teaches linear algebra by incorporating trigonometric rules into the game design.
  • Creating a game that teaches correct sentence construction to early English learners.
  • Creating an interactive virtual world for corporate training.
  • Designing a game platform incorporating geographic information systems.
  • Inventing a surgical simulation to educate medical students.
  • Creating a game to help patients with physical therapy.

The computer gaming certificate is open to any student admitted to an undergraduate degree program at ASU and in good academic standing. This certificate can also be used by BIS students as part of their degree program.

All students are eligible to take CPI courses. Students who want to declare the certificate need to complete the Undergraduate Certificate form on the registrar’s website and submit it to the School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering Academic Advising Center located in BYENG, Room 225. BIS students need to contact their BIS advisor to add the computer gaming concentration to their degree program.