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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Graduate Certificate

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate is aimed at engineers and managers who oversee tactical and strategic projects as well as various operational functions in their organizations. Six Sigma is a proven systematic approach to continuous improvement of critical processes in a wide range of industrial environments such as banks, manufacturing facilities, and hospitals. The American Society of Quality (ASQ) defines the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt as “a professional who can explain Six Sigma philosophies and principles, including supporting systems and tools.” The typical certification process also has a capstone experience, which is conducted under the guidance and supervision of a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Other characteristics of a Six Sigma Black Belt individual are (i) demonstration of team leadership, (ii) understanding of all aspects of the so called Define-Measure- Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) improvement process, (iii) basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts that allows identification of the non-value-added elements and activities.

Increased global pressures on cost-effectiveness has increased the importance of elimination of waste in industrial systems, and shifted the focus from a single objective of improving quality to the joint objective of improving quality and cost-effectiveness through the elimination of wasteful practices. Hence, recent years have seen an increase in entities offering Six Sigma-Lean types of certificates that try to provide the students more depth in the third aspect listed above.

Graduates of the certificate program will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the DMAIC process and the tools used to achieve effective process and product improvement.
  • Develop leadership and team-building skills necessary to oversee continuous improvement projects with many stakeholders.
  • Understand how lean principles and design for Six Sigma fit into the overall task of product and process improvement.

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