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Materials Science and Engineering, Minor

Engineering or science majors who choose to minor in materials will enhance their education and increase their job opportunities by learning how to design, process, and select the best materials for any engineering application. Materials are important for all industries, including telecommunications, computers, transportation, aerospace, energy, manufacturing, construction, health care and more.

Students need sophomore status and a minimum 2.75 ASU plus transfer GPA to enroll in the minor in materials science and engineering and a 2.50 GPA in all courses in the minor to receive the minor. Students adding the minor will also need to complete MAT 265 (270), MAT 242 (342 or 343), and CHM 114 or CHM 113/116, as they are prerequisites to required courses.

Interested students should consult with a SEMTE advisor to verify eligibility and to review all courses required for the minor. To schedule an advising appointment, please contact the SEMTE advising office at 480-965-2335 or

Students interested in the materials minor should also consult with their major advisor to ensure recognition of the minor and to have their minor added to their DARS.

Note: Certain major and minor combinations may be deemed inappropriate either by the college or department of the major or minor. Courses taken as part of a minor may not count toward both the major degree and the minor. Please contact the department for more information.

Accelerated 4+1 program badgeThe Materials Science and Engineering minor can be pursued as part of an accelerated 4+1 degree. Accelerated 4+1 programs combine advanced undergraduate course work with graduate course work, enabling students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years. Interested? Learn more about accelerated 4+1 degrees.