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Student Profiles

The Fulton Schools community revolves around exceptional students. Our students live on campus and out of state, some are parents and others are military veterans. Many of them excel through internships, leadership in student orgs, undergraduate research and other opportunities.

Read our students’ profiles to learn more about a specific degree program or the diversity within our student population.

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Five years after he dropped out of college, Josh discovered that ASU offered an engineering degree with a specialization in robotics and immediately enrolled. During his first semester he learned about the Rossum Rumblers Robotics student organization and by his second semester he was the president. Under Josh’s direction the org grew from twelve to an active roster of 50 members, and boasts partnerships with Microchip, Coroware Robotics, Intel and Freescale.

Categories: FURI, entrepreneurship, Polytechnic campus, engineering, student orgs, UGTA

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Anna, a Pittsburgh native, thought about pursuing a physics degree until she discovered that she prefers solving real-world problems and working with hands-on components more than producing abstract equations and theories. Now Anna is pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in engineering management while living in Indianapolis and working as a power systems consultant.

Categories: Online, engineering management, industry experience

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Beth found her niche in electrical engineering while she was in the Navy. She was a nuclear electrical operator responsible for maintaining the balance in the whole electric plant on the ship. Because of her Navy service, Beth didn’t start college directly after high school. Her first introduction to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering was at E2, the Schools’ freshman engineering orientation.

Categories: E2, mentor, military service, electrical engineering, student orgs, Tempe campus

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Cliff, a Kissimmee, Fla. native, is a first generation college student studying electrical engineering in an exciting new format: online. His interest in how things worked expanded to a passion for electrical engineering when he joined the Navy to work in the Advanced Electronic Computer Field. Cliff decided to end his military service after six years to give back to his country in another way: as an electrical engineering student funded by the GI Bill.

Categories: Online, military service, electrical engineering

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Erica conducts undergraduate research in medical device development. She is currently working on a noninvasive glucose sensor for diabetics. This sensor will allow diabetics to test glucose levels by merely touching their eye, instead of pricking their finger. Erica also had the opportunity to participate in a 10-week research experience in Florida at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in a chemistry lab, investigating bioactive compounds from deep-sea marine organisms for potential use in the treatment of human diseases.

Categories: 4+1, Tempe campus, biomedical engineering, FURI, undergraduate research, EPICS

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Skyler wanted a program that satisfied his interests in web development, graphic design and illustration. Some degrees felt too technical, while others were too artistic – but in the Graphic Information Technology program he found the ideal blend. Now, as a senior, Skyler is taking classes that focus on photo and video production, and video game development and working on ASU’s EcoCar3 project.

Categories: Polytechnic campus, graphic information technology, student orgs, Tempe campus

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Hara chose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering management because he likes the multidisciplinary aspect of the program. His industrial focus area is mechanical engineering with an emphasis on energy and sustainability, but he is also gaining expertise in finance and business management. Through the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI), Hara had the opportunity to work on a high-profile project funded by the Department of Energy: Energize Phoenix.

Categories: Engineering management, GCSP, FURI, student orgs, Tempe campus

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At age 18, Lauren had already completed her undergraduate degree in civil engineering. She got off to her quick start with time spent in public schools, charter schools and homeschooling until at age 13 she pursued dual high school/college enrollment opportunities at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. For Lauren, her involvement in engineering activities took her all the way to Kenya, something she “never expected to be doing by age 18.”

Categories: Civil engineering, transfer student, student orgs, Tempe campus

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Skyler chose ASU, and specifically the Del E. Webb School of Construction program, because of its well-regarded reputation in the Southwest. He has had internships in Arizona, California and Nevada in past summers, and worked as a project engineer for DPR Construction on the ASU Tempe campus building the new McCord Hall. Skyler also spent a summer in Costa Rica through the Summer Barrett Study program and volunteers in El Salvador building a medical facility.

Categories: Construction management, internships, honors student, student orgs, study abroad, Tempe campus

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Calahan is a first-generation college student from Glendale, Ariz., whose passion for mechanical engineering all started with his childhood love of cars and bikes. As a student he worked with Professor Takahashi to help further a research project idea centered on wind-energy. The project earned $10,000 catalyst grant funded through ASU’s Venture Catalyst program. While awaiting approval for a patent, Calahan and Takahashi are considering turning the renewable project into a start-up company. “I expected to leave ASU with a marketable degree, but I didn’t know I’d be leaving with a new invention and potentially a patent and a start-up company,” says Calahan.

Categories: Mechanical engineering, entrepreneurship, undergraduate research, Tempe campus

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When Jobana decided to enroll in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering she knew it would not be an easy commute: Jobana’s home is in Yokohama, Japan! But for Jobana, the destination was worth the journey. Jobana’s ultimate goal is to become an entrepreneur and to own her own business. Her experience at The Polytechnic School is crucial in laying the foundation for her future.

Categories: Engineering, Polytechnic campus, honors student, GCSP

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As a student in ASU’s Barrett, the Honors College, Nicole thrived as an industrial engineering major. Her affinity for leadership and outreach reflected itself in the leadership roles she took on, including vice president and, later, president of the ASU chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and vice president of the Institute of Industrial Engineers chapter. All of these management experiences served her well in a year-and-a-half internship with U.S. Airways.

Categories: Industrial engineering, student orgs, leadership, honors student, UGTA, outreach, internship, Tempe campus

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“Computer programming and problem solving has always really interested me,” explains Julia, who hails from Brookfield, Wisconsin. “The description of the Poly Software Engineering major seemed to be the best fit for me. I also really like the community feel here and the fact that it’s more hands-on.” Julia explains that she hopes to one day work for a company that innovates and creates new things, “instead of just finding new ways to solve old problems.”

Categories: Software engineering, honors student, Polytechnic campus

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Coming out of high school, Davenn M. had no idea what he wanted to do. He knew he loved math and the problem-solving of engineering—and ended up trying a couple of different engineering programs before finding the perfect match: informatics. Outside of the classroom, Davenn is involved in Devils Advocates, a group that serves as a point-of-contact to help new students on campus and gives tours and shares insights on the ASU experience with prospective students.

Categories: Informatics, internship, student orgs, scholarships, Tempe campus

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Paul is eager to explore the tech labs and machinery available to him as an engineering student. “I’m excited to become an expert with all the machines we have in our tech labs, and use them to build awesome things.” He adds that he loves being a Sun Devil, because it means being a part of “one of the largest universities in the U.S., with one of the largest alumni networks.” Looking ahead, Paul envisions one day working for an engineering firm.

Categories: Engineering, honors student, Polytechnic campus

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Frank chose to study environmental and resource management (ERM) because of his hometown: Austin, Texas. After moving from Texas to study at Arizona State University, Brown continued to reflect on the “green culture” and sustainable infrastructure that he says characterized his hometown. “I grew up playing in the woods and swimming in the green belt, and as an adult the health of the environment is very important to me.”

Categories: Environmental & Resource Management, Polytechnic campus, undergraduate research, FURI, student orgs

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