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Blazing the trail: International transfer students personalize their experience at ASU

Suyana LozadaSuyana, an international transfer student originally from Ecuador, began her journey of international study long before she found her way to Arizona State University.

As a chemical engineering student, she recalls being compelled to leave the country even before graduating high school. Her interest in international study was so strong that she found a program that enabled her to study in France for her senior year of high school.

This same program helped Suyana find the Arizona Western College, a community college in Yuma, Arizona. The exchange program introduced Suyana to an entirely new concept.

“I didn’t know what a community college was! But it was a great way to get started.”

After two years of study, Suyana had made her choice for field of study, and her decision of which university to attend did not take her long.

“ASU had the program I wanted to study, it had a good ranking and on top of that, I was offered a scholarship,” notes Suyana.

Tasnuva is an international transfer student from a medical school in Bangladesh.

She explains that she had always wanted to visit the western United States, and ASU’s engineering school had a good reputation. She is studying electrical engineering.

Her experience with campus life and the quality of education at ASU has been very positive.

“I love being at ASU,” Tasnuva explains.

The classes she has taken have helped her to enjoy her education and be excited about engineering. One program that Suyana is very happy to be a part of is the peer mentor program.

“The opportunity to be a peer mentor has helped me to become more identified with the experience,” she explains.

It helped her learn about the campus and the different clubs and events that are offered through ASU and Fulton Engineering. She also learned to manage and be responsible for the students that she mentored in the freshman hall.

Suyana is happy to admit that “ASU exceeded my expectations.” She emphasizes the importance of being involved with the university either through clubs, research or other extra-curricular programs.

“I didn’t know much about student organizations, scholarship availability or on on-campus jobs,” says Tasnuva.

There are so many extra benefits that ASU offers its students that it can be difficult to discover all of them without some help. An important and helpful lesson that Tasnuva has learned is to take advantage of the educators and advisors at ASU.

“It is always a good idea to communicate with faculty and talk to professors during office hours for any difficulty,” she explains.

Developing a relationship with professors or a counselor can help students feel more comfortable seeking help with assignments or advise for their future.

Fulton Engineering offers academic advisors, career counselors and tutoring help alongside the office hours of each individual professor. Students are always encouraged to utilize these tools for their advantage.