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Environmental & Resource Management

The bachelor of science in Environmental and Resource Management (ERM) provides students the critical scientific and management skills needed to work in industry or government to ensure the health of natural ecosystems and to reduce the environmental impact of our industrial world.

Hands-on projects and coursework will give you an understanding of the application of environmental technologies to drinking water and wastewater treatment, management of hazardous and solid wastes, and control of industrial and mobile sources of air pollution. Built on a foundation of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, you will also take classes directly related to industry and environmental law.

The ERM major on the Polytechnic campus is eligible for the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program. Students from Western states, who select this major and campus, may be eligible for reduced nonresident tuition. See more information and eligibility requirements on the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program here

An optional accelerated program offers high-achieving students an opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree within five years.

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Accelerated 4+1 program badgeThe Environmental & Resource Management program can be pursued as an accelerated 4+1 degree. Accelerated 4+1 programs combine advanced undergraduate course work with graduate course work, enabling students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years. Interested? Learn more about accelerated 4+1 degrees.

Admission Requirements

All students are required to meet general university admission requirements.

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Priority – February 15
Final – July 1


Priority – October 15
Final – December 1

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Environmental & Resource Management Degree

Bachelor’s of Science 

The Polytechnic School

Location Polytechnic campus Mesa, Arizona

Graduate DegreesAccelerated 4+1 program badge

Finish two degrees faster by combining advanced undergraduate and graduate coursework during your senior year as part of the accelerated 4+1 bachelor’s plus master’s program.

M.S. in Environmental & Resource Management

Frank | Environmental & Resource Management

Frank Brown chose to study environmental and resource management (ERM) because of his hometown: Austin, Texas. After moving from Texas to study at Arizona State University, Brown continued to reflect on the “green culture” and sustainable infrastructure that he says characterized his hometown. “I grew up playing in the woods and swimming in the green belt, and as an adult the health of the environment is very important to me.” Read more